Good news! Warm congratulations to RENBEN INTL.on obtaining the certification of intellectual property management system
Column:Company News Time:2019-11-21

  RENBEN INTL. HI-TECH (shenzhen) Co., LTD. Has been received by the Zhonggui (Beijing) certification Co., LTD., the intellectual property management system certification certificate, which means that the humanism in the field of intellectual property rights obtained international management unit, in a further specification of intellectual property rights, to further improve the comprehensive competitiveness of marked the humanistic international in terms of administration and protection of intellectual property rights created using fully into the domestic leading level.
  Enterprise intellectual property management system refers to putting intellectual property in the strategic level of enterprise management. It can improve enterprises' intellectual property management ability, guide enterprises to establish a scientific, systematic and standardized intellectual property management system, help enterprises to fully implement the spirit of intellectual property strategy, actively respond to intellectual property competition, and effectively improve their comprehensive competitiveness.
                                     As is known to all, the whole process is more complex, intellectual property, jitc condition of selection is very strict, from self declaration submitted to the corresponding filing materials compliance with that careful outside experts to assess, in the process, humanistic international can't snub, rigorous seriously every step, through the examination and approval, to get the intellectual property management system certification that honour
                                   Won the honor, cannot leave the attention of the leadership and mobilization, as intellectual property management department chairman Mr Zeng Wenfeng top management, and organize the jitc mobilization meeting was held, conducted a comprehensive system of intellectual property rights knowledge management training, in order to improve the awareness of intellectual property rights to strengthen secrecy consciousness to improve innovation ability of all departments in strict accordance with the management system, extended to the registration of each document and implementation, the consciousness of intellectual property management system fully implemented to every employeeIn the process of implementing the standard implementation, the certification requirements of the intellectual property management system shall be strictly followed. On the basis of the original document system, the system shall be constantly standardized to make the enterprise operation system more complete and comprehensive
  This time won the "intellectual property management system certification" will further promote the people-oriented international independent innovation, independent research and development process, effectively stimulate enterprise innovation vitality, enhance market competitiveness.At the same time, this is another milestone in the history of the company!

  In the future, RENBEN INTL. will make persistent efforts to achieve greater achievements